The end of tenancy cleaning is among the usual requirements you have to fulfill before you move out and leave the rented property. It includes a deep and skillful cleaning of the entire accommodation and the main goal is returning it to the landlord or the letting agency in the same condition you found it. This whole procedure sounds a little bit stressful and combined with the whole packing, transporting and moving of all your furniture it is tense indeed. If, however, you are brave enough and decide to cope with it all alone, you will most probably end up spending too much time, polishing every surface and trying to remove every stain you notice, without achieving the result you wanted, or said otherwise, you will most probably fail and won’t be able to get your security deposit back. And this is the main reason why the majority of people these days choose a clean-up performed by a professional cleaning company, which will cope with this situation quickly and skillfully.

Hiring a cleaning company with a great experience in the industry and with good reputation, which is also famous with its incontestable professionalism, will no doubt save you a lot of time and energy. And you will be totally satisfied by the wonderful final result. We, the Hammersmith Cleaners, promise you a sure inspection pass, because we have the checklists used by the landlords and the letting agencies and we will clean everything the way it has to be done. Are you still not convinced that this is the better option? Take a look then at the many requirements in one of these checklists and you will realize that this is a task beyond strength of an unprofessional. Here are some of the most inspected places.

Kitchen – though this is one of the places we spend most time in and one of the areas we regularly clean, it surely needs some special care, because of the grease and the bacteria that can be found there. For this reason our full service will include everything except for the oven, which requires a lot more time and efforts.

Bathroom – too many bacteria live there and that is why we will start with cleaning and disinfecting everything – from the sink to the toilet bowl, including the tiles, between them and everything else. Using only high

quality cleaning products we will remove the lime scale from the taps and the shower as well.

Bedroom – the windows and the walls, the floor and the carpet are only some of the places we will clean up in the bedroom. However, we would like to recommend you a regular deep carpet cleaning, because a lot of dust is accumulated there and this may result in causing allergies and infections. Another task we won’t skip for sure is the cleaning of all radiators and skirting boards.

Living room – we spend so much time here and despite this fact we still rarely notice how dirty this room is. So, we will clean the floor perfectly, we will wash the windows and take care of the door-knobs and skirting boards as well.

Hallways – though we don’t count them as rooms, they are on the checklists used during the inspections. For this reason we will clean the radiators, the carpet and all skirting boards.

Using antibacterial cleaning products of high-grade we will take care of the door knobs and the light switches all around the house. However, before we arrive at your house, we would like to make sure that hot water and well working electricity will be on disposal, because otherwise we won’t be able to perform the cleaning you expect. Please, empty all the wardrobes and cupboards and all the appliances as well.

And if you are looking for professional and absolutely insured end of tenancy cleaning in Hammersmith, then don’t hesitate to call our team!